Wireless Access Point Ethernet Port Bridge

    Connectivity: Wi-Fi Halow security protocol

    Transmission Distance: Max 3000ft with the 1080P video

    Penetration Ability:3-4 concrete walls

    Power:5V/1A DC

    Operation Temperature: -5°F-120°F (-20°C-48°C)

    Size: 300mm*190mm*75mm

    Antenna: elngth 19cm with 2dbi gain

    Warranty: 12 months Parts and Lifetime Purchase Protection


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    Wifi Tuya Smart Home Control Panel

    ● Android 8.1 System
    ● Language: only English and Chinese
    ● Support play music, stories, children's songs, tell jokes, check weather, check flights, smart home control
    ● Support TUYA, TikTok, Spotify, BluetoothPlay, Smart Youtube, Go Keyboard, Pandora, etc.

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    WiFi Tuya Smart Home Gateway Panel

    Smart background music host, adopts a 4-inch HD digital display (480 * 480 IPS HD resolution display), with a multi-capacitive touch.with Tuya Smart APP, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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