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Wireless Signal Wall-through Ethernet Air Connector Port Bridge Kit Outdoor Long Distance UP to 1000 meters Transmitter Receiver

Wireless Bridge Point-to-Point Long Range Wireless Access with 20DBi High-Gain Antenna,100Mbps 2.4G WiFi Bridge Supports 3000ft Outdoor Transmission Distance

Connectivity: Wi-Fi Halow security protocol
Transmission Distance: Max 3000ft with the 1080P video
Penetration Ability: 3-4 concrete walls
Power: 5V/1A DC
Operation Temperature: -5°F-120°F (-20°C-48°C)
Size: 300mm*190mm*75mm
Antenna: elngth 19cm with 2dbi gain
Warranty: 12 months Parts and Lifetime Purchase Protection

How to Use:
1.Plug in the antenna
2.Drill the hole and screw the Scenes Air on the wall
3.Plug in the power supply
4. 1 Pack connects to IP camera, the other pack connects to the network NVR, and the connection will be set up.
Note1: Available operating frequency may vary depending on the limitations of the countries or regions in which the device is used. Note2: Maximum transmission power may vary across different channels depending on the limitations of the countries or regions in which the device is used.


The Wi-Fi Halow standard network bridge that works on the 902-930MHz(760-790MHz) frequency.
The model is dedicated to cost effective solutions for wireless networking applications.
It is ideal for point-to-point signal coverage applications.
Professional performance, coupled with user-friendly design, makes the model an ideal choice for both business and home users. Compare with the traditional Network bridge or the CPE, the model is the first device with the Omni-directional antenna for the 1Km signal transmission or strong penetration capability.

AnjieloSmart Long Range Wireless Bridge Kit
Long Range Outdoor Wireless Bridge. Designed for transmitting wirelessly with long range. It is an alternative to a long cable between your computer and router, or NVR and Ip cameras for Security monitoring on lodges, farms, pool houses and more, with long distance up to 3000ft in open space.

This is a new wireless transmission equipment package, divided into two parts: AP transmitter and AP receiver. And can be freely matched, a receiver can receive up to 4 transmitter signals at the same time.
Which can transmit Ethernet equipment within 100MB, it can transmit up to 1000 meters in the open and unobstructed. If there are obstacles or devices with large network traffic, the transmission distance may be reduced. It is worth mentioning that even if there are obstacles, the device can be transmitted in a surround mode.
For example: if you place a transmitter on the 1st floor, you can use the receiver on the 8th floor to receive network signals (it depends on the number of windows).
The equipment uses a transmission frequency of 740-970MHz, which has the characteristics of long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability.
Using an encryption algorithm, other wireless devices cannot search for the device's signal, so it is hidden and safe. The product uses a 360-degree omnidirectional antenna design, so you don't need to adjust the position of the transmitter and receiver. Easy to install and use.


Surveillance application just right:
The device can provide a physical bandwidth of 150Kbps-32.5Mbps to support low-rate sensors, such as remote wireless access control systems, etc.
The traditional 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless surveillance system can not avoid electromagnetic interference in complex environments, and large path attenuation, and unsatisfactory non-visual distance transmission distance.
This equipment can solve the problem of unsatisfactory transmission distance or frequent disconnection of equipment by installing AP101. At the same time, AP101 is compatible with wired/wireless packages, flexible configuration, and one-key pairing of AP/STA mode.

Applicable Scene

Wireless Bridge Kit
1.Antenna network bridge with 3000ft max transmission distance in open space.
2.Support piont-to-piont connection.
3.Design for remote monitoring and widely use with the IP camera.
4.Plug and play, simple to build the connection.

Point to Point Wireless Connection. Wireless wifi bridge with ethernet port and LED display, coming with a transmitter and a receiver unit, they are pre-configured for point-to-point connection.

Fast Speed and Stable Transmission.
It performing excellently on transmission with 906 MHz data rate and stable 1080P video signals, with LED indicator, which let you know the signal strength.

Easy Installation.
Easy to set them with IP camera(cameras) and network DVR / NVR. Plug and play, easy to build the connection, without complex wiring work.
Wide Compatibility.
Ideal for many Outdoor wireless network cameras, such as Hikvision/DaHua/Sony/Pansonic/Uniview and more IP cameras, with operation temperature: -5℉-120℉(-20℃-48℃).


Product List
A-Type (1 to 1) 2x Ethernet Air 2x Omnidirectional Antenna 2x Power Adapter 2x Ethernet Cable 4x Screws 1x User Manual
B-Type (1 to 2) 3x Ethernet Air 6x Self tapping screw 6x Colloidal particles 3x Ethernet Cable 3x 5V1A power adapter 3x Omnidirectional antenna
C-Type (1 to 4) 5x Ethernet Air 10x Self tapping screw 10x Colloidal particles 5x Ethernet Cable 5x 5V1A power adapter 5x Omnidirectional antenna

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