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WIFI HaLow Bridge,What is Wi-Fi HaLow-802.11ah?

IEEE 802.11ah includes the latest Wi-Fi certification requirements (WPA2/WPA3) and AES encryption of wireless traffic. WIFI HALOW implements security specifications: WAP-PSK; encryption method: AES

AH wifi Halow extender can be used all network devices are applicable

802.11 AH-WIFI HALOW frequency setting instructions

AH-WiFi HaLow Bridge performance test method


 Australia 918-926MHz European Union 863-868MHz Indonesia 918-926MHz
South Korea 918.5-922.5MHz Malaysia 919-924MHz New Zealand 918-926MHz

New Zealand "dBm" to Watts conversion

 915-920 MHz Limited to 1 Watt 5dbm
920-928 MHz Up to 6 Watts 20dbm
864-868 MHz Up to 6 Watts 5dbm
819-824 MHz Limited to 0.1 Watt 3dbm

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