Wireless Access Point Ethernet Port Bridge

    Connectivity: Wi-Fi Halow security protocol

    Transmission Distance: Max 3000ft with the 1080P video

    Penetration Ability:3-4 concrete walls

    Power:5V/1A DC

    Operation Temperature: -5°F-120°F (-20°C-48°C)

    Size: 300mm*190mm*75mm

    Antenna: elngth 19cm with 2dbi gain

    Warranty: 12 months Parts and Lifetime Purchase Protection


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    Wifi Tuya Smart Home Control Panel

    ● Android 8.1 System
    ● Language: only English and Chinese
    ● Support play music, stories, children's songs, tell jokes, check weather, check flights, smart home control
    ● Support TUYA, TikTok, Spotify, BluetoothPlay, Smart Youtube, Go Keyboard, Pandora, etc.

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    Rice Cooker 1.3 QT One Touch Operation Perfect for Cooking Rice Meat Noodles Soup

    Multifunctional smart rice cooker, 4 cups of rice (1-2 persons), 1.2 liters, 110V-220V, 50Hz, UK plug/EU plug/US plug. The multifunctional rice cooker can be used for all types of rice, white, whole wheat, jasmine, basmati, arborio, long grain, sushi, and more. Everyone can easily choose the most desired way to cook a great meal. Rice, soup, oatmeal, cake, yogurt, pasta or dessert.

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