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ANJIELOSMART TUYA MCB WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker With Metering 1P 32A DIN Rail for Smart Home wireless Remote Control Switch

ANJIELOSMART TUYA MCB WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker With Metering 1P 32A DIN Rail for Smart Home wireless Remote Control Switch

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Poles Number
Rated Current

This decive is not compatible with Home Assistant, please use the device in SMART LIFE APP/ TUYA APP.
Wiring: Power must enter from the top and must be Live line + Neutral Line (L+N). Live line + Live line (L+L) cannot be used.
The white model has no electric meter function, and the black model has an electric meter function
Current and voltage cannot be set in the APP. 

Remote control at anytime from anywhere by TUYA / Smart Life app on mobile ,no distance limit.
Schedule /Timing, countdown, cycle timing,Overcurrent Protection
Voice control by Amazon Alexa echo dot / Google assistant

Working voltage:AC90-280V,50/60Hz
Current type: 10A , 16A,25A , 32A
Wireless type:Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Support system:Android\iOS




Remote control by mobile phone,Tuya Smart Edition

Timing Mode/Countdown Mode/Loop Timing/Metering Function(TO-Q-SY1-JWT)

Benefit Your Life

Make your finger to touch every corner!

Remote control/Voice control/Timing Mode/CountdownMode

Loop Timing/real-time monitoring Of electricity consumption


Visualization Window

   Red                          Black

   TURN ON                        TURN OFF

   Lighting state                    Lights out 

High Quality
From Good Material

High precisionmanganese copper /Flame retardant shell PA66

High-performance chip module/Long-life motor system

Smart Protection

A variety of functions

Setting the switch status of the equipment in different

scenarios, and remotely

monitor the real-time situation of the load electrical appliances.

24HAutomatic Monitoring /APP RemoteControl

Record usage data / Main function

View load current, voltage, power in real time
Record (year, month, day, hour)

electricity consumption in different time periods

Total electricity :consumption:5.00kWh

(With metering)Real-time monitoring electricity consumption.

  • More smart scenarios

    Devices-Interlock Mode

    Connect it, you can monitor the usage of all home

    equipment, you can remote control, timing control, make life more intelligent.

Three Timing Modes
(Timing Mode/Countdown Mode/Loop Timing)/Loop Timing

1. Timing Mode

Before going home from get off work...

18:30Turn on the lights.

2. Countdown Mode

  after falling asleep...  

Turn off the lights after 10minutes.

3. Loop Timing

Before waking up / after going to work...

06:00 Turn on the lights. / 08:00 Lights off.

Voice Controls
Voice linkage

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home.

What do you want to control? Just say it.Details Benefit Your Life

Touch handle

Sleek design for more

comfortable operation

Flame retardant material

High temperature resistance

and flame retardant, effectively

improve the safety of use

Single channel wiring

Tunnel-type wiring port for

more secure wiring.

Positioning clip

Press to open easily,

Simple installation..

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