WiFi HaLow UAV wireless transmission equipment WiFi HaLow UAV image transmission module

WiFi HaLow UAV wireless transmission equipment WiFi HaLow UAV image transmission module

WiFi HaLow UAV module diagram CNC integrated wireless transmission equipment product manual

UAV image transmission module, medium distance 3 kilometers, plug and play RF radio frequency image transmission CNC integrated module beyond line of sight transmission with strong diffraction through the building

HW9066 Image Transmission Series
Point-to-point and multi-point, support star network transmission module, can work in
800MHZ, 1.4G, and 2.4G support multiple broadband allocations at the same time, with low power consumption
Low, small size, small delay. Rich interfaces, stable transmission and other features, full of
Meet the video and data transmission requirements of users in complex scenarios
5Km transmission distance
20ms delay
5km includes two serial ports and three network ports. The air unit is connected to the gimbal camera through the network port.
Connect to the flight control ground end through the serial port and connect to the computer through the network port to transmit video.
Serial port connection to computer to transmit data

 Model: HW-9066 Brand: ANJIELOSMART  Origin: Mainland China
Antenna type: External  Type: 5 kilometers 15 kilometers  Applicable scenarios: Robot drones
Size: 97x57x16mm  Working frequency: 800MHz Working voltage: 12V  Communication method: Wireless

    WiFi Halow HW9066 CNC integrated wireless transmission module is a 4G mobile communication standard based on TDD-LTE The research and development does not rely on mobile operator base stations and is used for long-distance transmission of outdoor wireless networks and P2P wireless bridge. This product adopts key OFDM technology, supports multiple bandwidth allocations, and flattens the system architecture.
     Architectural design is a set of long-distance wireless data transmission products developed based on software radio technology (SDR).Taste.HW9066 CNC integrated wireless transmission module supports a maximum transmission rate of 30Mbps, and the longest
    The theoretical maximum transmission distance is 150km, covering the frequency band between 700M~2.6G, and can also achieve 1.4M, 3M,5M, 10M, 20M five different bandwidths, multiple code rates, dynamically adjustable, especially suitable for security monitoring,Smart cities, robots, special communications, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, disaster reduction, unmanned ships and other intelligent monitoring communications

 WiFi HaLow drone module main control solution LAN9730




Wired interface

10/100Mbps LAN*3

serial port


data rate




Frequency Range

2401.5-2481.5 MHZ

1427.9-1447.9 MHZ

806-826 MHZ

Power consumption


Power plan

DC12V-24V 0.5A-1.0A

RF power




           20MHZ -99dBm

           10MHZ -102dBm

           5MHZ -104dBm

           3MHZ -106dBm



          10MHZ -103dBm

           5MHZ -106dBm

           3MHZ -108dBm



           10MHZ -103dBm

            5MHZ -106dBm

            3MHZ -108dBm

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