As recurrent customers you deserve a recompense!

Our sellers think the same and have therefore developped a collective loyality rebate system for regular customers. We would like to present you this system in the name of our sellers:

In this outline you can read your personal loyality rebate. Both existant and new customers are rewarded for their purchase. Entering the rebate classes is simplified for new customers, so you will receive a relative high rebate already from a very small turnover. You can see your current rebate status directly in your customer account.
The great thing about the association of our sellers is that all your purchases mediated over the Anjielo platform are added up to determine your personal rebate level. The indicated rebates include almost all products of our sellers. Here you will find a list of exceptions.

The following rebate levels are possible:


Class Discount Required amount in a
period of 180 days
Beginner 2,50 % 250,00 $
Amateur 5,00 % 500,00 $
Semi-Pro 7,50 % 1.500,00 $
Professional 10,00 % 2.000,00 $
    Independent from the time period
Lifetime Patron 10,00 % 3.000,00 $
The percentage of the respective discounts of the different classes refers to the accounting period of 180 days. If an order is longer than 180 days completed it is not counted in the loyalty discount scheme.
For the actual calculating are only successfully completed orders counted. You will be notified automatically from our system via e-mail as soon as we unlocked a loyalty discount class for you.

Here are some examples:
  1. Customer Smith bought successfully goods with a value of 74 $ on 01.05.2012. He will not get a discount for his next order.
  2. Mr. Smith is happy about our service and decides to buy again for 186 which was completed 03.05.2012. Overall he reached an amount of 260 and will get a 2,5% discount for his next order in point 3.
  3. Seeing that everything is cheaper now he decides to supply his guild which is successful on the 20.05.2012. He ordered goods with a value of 500 but only paid 487,5 due to the discount.
  4. Smith has been happy for the next weeks and did not use the 5% he would have gotten due to the total amount of 747,5 within 180 days.
  5. On 10.08.2012 he remembers that he wants to support his guild again. But unfortunately his first 2 orders are older than 90 days so he "only" gets the 2,5% due to the 487,5 order of point 3 from the 20.05.2012.
  6. Mr. Smith is a long time customer and reaches with the help of his friends an amount of 3000 $. For every other order he will get a 10% discount forever, completely independent from the 180 day period.

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